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5kw Vanadium Redox Battery

5kw Vanadium Redox Battery
5kw Vanadium Redox Battery
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Product Description
Operating since 1993, we are the renowned manufacturer and exporter of 5kw Vanadium Redox Battery. It is type of flow battery device which has the capability to be recharged after its complete utilization. This battery is used for storing renewable energy having output capacity of 5 kilo watts. It employs vanadium ions in different oxidation states for its operation and can be easily attached to power plants or electrical grids. 5kw Vanadium Redox Battery is used for remote area power supplies, telecom industry, substation backup systems, and small commercial buildings.

  • Can be extended for more storage
  • Very fast response in changing loads
  • Can be left discharged for long period with no negative effects


Key component



Technical level

Stack system


Provide charge exchange place


Domestic leading

Electrolyte and transmission system


Energy storage carrier


Domestic leading

Pipeline, pump, valve, tank

Storage and transport of electrolyte

No core component, outsourcing

No core component, outsourcing

Manage system

Charging, inverter device

Grid/PV/Wind power charging to pile, then discharging inverter with load


Big pawer has strong development capacity in the electrical equipment, so according to the system configuration, it can synchronously complete different model management, monitoring system development with good customer feedback.

Monitoring system

Temperature, pressure, liquid level, flow sensor, etc

Monitoring the key parameters, abnormal alarm and handling

Sensor outsourcing, software self-develop

Auxiliary systems

Leakage protection device, heat exchanger unit (required under features Environment), case, brackets, etc

Securing safe and stable operation, especially in extreme weather,


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