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Electrical Switchgears

  1. MNS Type Low-Voltage Switchgear

    MNS Type Low-Voltage Switchgear is a type of metal enclosed system which consists of circuit breaker, fuse, lightening arrestor and disconnect switches. It is required for protecting, controlling, and isolating electrical devices during power overload and faults. This switchgear is suitable for easy detection and rectification faults in line without disturbing other assemblies. It can also be utilized for de-energizing machines after completion of work. This is highly capable of controlling the current and voltage supply to prevent electrical stress.
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  2. GCK Type Low Voltage Switchgear

    Low Voltage Switchgear is required for maintaining the unaffected circuits in power grid and also to protect various electrical devices from overload and current faults by preventing short circuits. It is suitable to be used for low voltage applications in small residential societies and commercial places. This switchgear is composed of protective relays, current & potential transformers, control systems, lightening arrestors, circuit breakers, and fuses. It can also be combined with transformers for making Unitized Substation.
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  3. AC Metal Enclosed Switchgear

    AC Metal Enclosed Switchgear consists of numerous components including fuse, circuit breakers, and electrical disconnect switches installed in a metal structure. It is required for the protection of electrical equipments from heavy current loads and fault in electrical supply. This switchgear can work as indoor or outdoor device depending on the model, which is required for receiving and distributing electrical energy to machines in an efficient manner. It is utilized in banks, offices, high rise buildings, data centers, and MNCs.
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  4. High Voltage Metal Enclosed Switchgear

    High Voltage Metal Enclosed Switchgear is designed having metal partitions required for bus bar assembly, circuit breakers, current transformer, and cable connections. It is installed in large capacity high voltage requiring industries including power plants, electricity generating areas, and mills. This switchgear is required for efficiently distributing the power supply to industrial machines according to their voltage requirements. It also works as a protection system for electrical devices from current overloads and system faults.
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  5. High Voltage Withdrawable Switchgear

    High Voltage Withdrawable Switchgear is required for accepting and distributing current supply to different industrial machines in a defined amount to prevent electrical stress. It is designed having multiple cabinets, which can be easily withdrawn for rectifying an issue or fault in power line. This withdrawable switchgear can be easily repaired & maintained in easier, quicker, and safer way without much disturbing other attached assemblies. It can be installed in electrical substations and also provides isolation of circuits from power supplies.
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