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GCK type Complete Set Switch Device

GCK type Complete Set Switch Device
GCK type Complete Set Switch Device
Product Code : GCK
Product Description

Offered Complete Set Switch Device finds its applications in automobile, electrical and electronics industries. Provided device is well suited for regulating speed of machines. Offered device has several properties such as highly durable, flawless functionality, less noisy operation and robust construction. This device is ideal for controlling current that travels between load and power source. Offered device is able for turning flow of electricity on and off. Provided device is mainly used for interrupting flow of electrons in circuit. In addition to this, provided Complete Set Switch Device is available in numerous specifications according to needs of clients.

GCK type low voltage switchgear is a new type switchgear which meets the requirement of continuous developing electrical market to computer interface, centralized control of power, simple installation and maintenance, short processing time to emergency and so on in the safe, economical, reasonable and reliable design principle on the basis of major electrical user requirements. The product has characteristics of high on-off capacity of, flexible scheme, easy combination, good practicality, novel structure and high class protection, etc and it can be used as upgrade products. The product is fit to domestic condition and has high technical performance. Relatively lower price can meet development needs of the electricity market and compete with existing external products in domestic market. GCK type low voltage switchgear is suitable to distribution system and substation of power plant, oil industry, chemicals industry, textiles industry, high-rise buildings, etc. In the field of large-scale power plants and petrochemical system where the automation degree is very high and has requirement of computer interface it used as three-phase AC power which the frequency is 50 or 60 Hz, rated working voltage is 380V, 400V or 660V, rated current is 4000A and the below in power generation and powern distribution system and reactive power compensation device. While, it used as power conversion, distribution and control equipment.

Standards and specifications

  • IEC439-1992 Low-voltage switchgear and control equipment
  • GB7251-2005 Low-voltage switchgear
  • ZBK36001-1989 Low voltage withdraw able switchgear
  • JB/T9661-1999 Low voltage withdraw able switchgear

Application and performance

GCK1 series motor control center is mainly combined by some combined motor control units and other functional units. These units are installed in cabinet in the way of upper and lower overlap. While connect each cabinet together by the horizontal bus set on the top of cabinet, the functional units in same cabinet is connected with vertical bus in parallel. The cabinet is divided into four mutual insulated area which are horizontal bus bar room, vertical bus bar room, cable room and installation room. The functional unit is installed in respective room. When anyone is faulty, shall not affect other units to prevent expansion of the accident.

This product is in line with the standards of ZBK36001-89 "Low-voltage drawer-type switchgear" and adopts IP40 protection rating in IEC114. When all the doors and plates are opened or closed, as well as functional units are in out position, it can meet the corresponding protective level. That is to guarantee personal safety. The product is set reliable grounding system and the protective circuit. All functional units are able to break short-circuit current in accordance to regular performance requirements. Input unit has three paragraphs protection characteristics. Therefore, we can guarantee the reliability of electricity supply and security of equipment and system.

All the functional units can be connected with the PC line board (PLC) or computer processors through interface parts. As an executive unit of auto control system, it can provide other functional units and combination on the basis of user's requirements. The product applies to AC circuit of 380V, 50Hz.





GB7251-2005, JB/T9661-1999

Protection level

P40, IP30

Rated voltage(V)

AC 380



Rated insulation voltage(V)


Working conditions




No more than 2000m

Ambient temperature

-50ºC~+40º the minimum temperature is -30º during storage a nd transportation

Relative humidity

No more than 85%

Control motor capacity(KW)


Mechanical life(Times)



Horizontal bus bar


Vertical bus bar


Socket connector of main circuit contacts


Socket connector of auxiliary circuit contacts


Rated current(A)

Maximum current of feeder circuit


Acceptation power circuit


Rated short-time

Effective value


withstand current(KA)

Peak value


Withstand voltage(V/1 min)


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