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Soft Start Device

  1. MPS Thyristor Solid Soft Starter

    MPS Thyristor Solid Soft Starter consists of parallel installed thyristors required for controlling the voltage requirements of different machines. It is widely used for starting fans, blowers, water pumps, and compressors in automobile, petrochemical, steel and building material industries. Once the motor reaches its level of uniform speed, its operation is disconnected to allow proper current supply for the instrument to work efficiently. It is also used to increase life span of connected devices by preventing them from high voltage shock.
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  2. MSS Soft Start Module

    MSS Soft Start Module is an electronic device which is used with AC motors for reducing loads & torque, by temporarily limiting amount of current supplied for starting of machine. It consists of steel shots for transmitting torque, clutches, different types of couplings which uses a fluid, and magnetic forces. This starter is suitable to be used for high voltage applications and is known to reduce mechanical & electrodynamic stress from the attached electrical distribution network and power cables.
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  3. High Voltage Thermal Resistor Soft Starter

    High Voltage Thermal Resistor Soft Starter is used for preventing machine’s damage due to high and sudden variations of electrical power & voltage by limiting initial supply of current to the motor. The resistance in this starter is disconnected when motor reaches its stable or full speed level. It is installed in power plants for high capacity high voltage motors and has the ability to reduce mechanical and electrodynamic stress.
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  4. Liquid Resistance PLC Rotor Starter

    Liquid Resistance PLC Rotor Starter is a type of device in which resistance of conducting path is created by the column of electrolyte. It is required for managing the voltage or current supply to motor during start-up to prevent mechanical and high current stress to machine. This starter consists of a tank, electrode assemblies & control system, agitator, and electrolyte. In this device, electrodes are disconnected once motor attains its full speed.
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  5. Intelligent Static Phase Advancers

    Intelligent Static Phase Advancers function as load balancing devices but can also be utilized as filters for harmonic oscillations having predominantly non-sinusoidal loads. They consist of capacitors for adjusting capacitive or inductive characteristics of reactive power in a network. These phase advancers are utilized for maintaining voltage, lowering down power loss, and to increase the current carrying capacity of electrical systems. They have the capability to compensate phase shift between voltage and current.
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  6. PLC Thermal Resistor Soft Starter

    PLC Thermal Resistor Soft Starter is required for reducing the initial voltage supply of AC motor to prevent damage that may occur due to sudden introduction of high current stress. It is suitable to be used for large capacity high voltage asynchronous motors for their efficient performance. This starter has the capability to manage supply of appropriate amount of current or voltage to the motor for preventing mechanical shock. It is known to reduce energy consumption of device up to 3-4 times as compared to when it is not installed.
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